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Checked Luggage Travelpro.
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to check checked checked. checked checkered chequered. checked checkered chequered. checked adj past-p. abgehakt checked adj as in checked pattern. buntgewürfelt Farbmuster checked off adj past-p Am. abgehakt double-checked adj past-p. nachkontrolliert large checked adj. rot kariert auch: rotkariert sb.
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abbr accept accept-charset accesskey action align alt archive axis background bgcolor border cellpadding cellspacing char charoff charset checked cite class classid clear code codebase codetype color cols colspan compact content coords data datetime declare defer dir disabled enctype face for href id lang style title width.
checked Definition of checked in English by Oxford Dictionaries. English logo. Oxford University Press logo.
Hit games soon followed for the entrepreneur, who is most at home in jeans and a checked shirt, and whose management mantra was rules are for fools. His hulking two-metre frame clad in crumpled checked shirt fills the doorway as he beckons towards his kingdom.
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input nameslug-optionself-destruct" value1" php checked checked, current, echo; /. Testing the value with if.: input type'checkbox' name'optionspostlink' value'1' php if 1 options'postlink' echo checkedchecked?' Using checked instead.: input typecheckbox" nameoptionspostlink" value1" php checked options'postlink, 1?; checked is located in wp-includes/general-template.php.
Check Definition of Check by Merriam-Webster.
b: to halt through caution, uncertainty, or fear: stop the train checked with a jolt B. 2 a: to investigate conditions checked on the passengers safety. b: to prove to be consistent or truthful the description checks with the photograph often used with out the story checked out.
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Ester Ried Yet Speaking. But" he told me" she began, then became aware of her indiscretion, and checked herself. Within the Law. She checked herself abruptly and took the paper from his hand. Mary Roberts Rinehart. British Dictionary definitions for checked checked.
Car parts checked at an MOT GOV.UK.
Car parts tested in the MOT. These are some of the important parts of your car that will be checked in the MOT. Parts checked in the MOT 2.1 Body, vehicle structure and general items. These will be inspected to check that.:

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