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P of EAA: Registry.
In this case you need some kind of lookup method a finder but the question remains: How do you get to the finder? A Registry is essentially a global object, or at least it looks like one even if it isn't' as global as it may appear.
Home About Registry. The Registry is a neutral organ of the Court that provides services to all other organs so the ICC can function and conduct fair and effective public proceedings. The Registry is responsible for three main categories of services.:
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Windows Registry What It Is and How to Use It.
How to Use the Windows Registry. The registry contains registry values which are instructions, located within registry keys folders that contain more data, all within one of several registry hives main" folders that categorize all the data in the registry using subfolders.

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How do I open and edit the Windows Registry?
Updated: 01/24/2018 by Computer Hope. Caution: Before editing or changing anything in the Microsoft Windows registry, it's' recommended that you backup the registry. We also highly recommend that anyone new to the registry become familiar with all the Windows registry basics.
Domeinnamenregister Wikipedia.
Een domeinnamenregister, ook domain name registry of kortweg registry genoemd, is een register van internet-domeinnamen voor een topleveldomein, of de organisatie die dit register beheert ook wel network information center geheten. Een registry ontleent zijn autoriteit aan ICANN, die voor de IANA het systeem van domeinnamen beheert en die verantwoordelijkheid deels kan delegeren aan andere organisaties.
Entity Registry Home Assistant.
Starting with version 0.63, Home Assistant keeps a registry of known entities. The entity registry makes sure that entities get unique identifiers and allow customizing the identifiers and names of these entities. As this is still a very new part of Home Assistant, changes will require a restart of Home Assistant to take effect.
Belgian Cancer Registry Get all the facts.
On the occasion of 10 Years Belgian Cancer Registry, the Belgian Cancer Registry organised an Academic Session on Thursday December 10th. In 2025, the risk of being affected by cancer will be almost as high in women as in men.

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