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Difference Between Multi-Domain, UC Certificate and Wildcard SSL.
There are different options in SSL certificates that are designed to fill different needs with regards to securing websites and ensuring all the functions and features required are available. This includes both single domain security as you will find in the Comodo SSL at the domain validation and organization validations levels as well as our EV SSL.
Multi-Domain en SAN SSL-certificaten.
Domain Validated DV, Organization Validated OV en Extended Validation EV. Het belangrijkste verschil tussen deze certificaten heeft te maken met welke gegevens de certificaatautoriteit GlobalSign controleert voordat een certificaat wordt uitgegeven. Er wordt andere informatie weergegeven in het certificaat en de browserbalk.
Multi-Domain SAN Certificates
Run multiple services on one IP address and use a multi-domain SAN certificate to secure.: Increase Trust with EV Multi-Domain Certificates. If you want to boost user confidence and gain the branded green bar URL, then you need a DigiCert Extended Validation Multi-Domain Certificate.
What is a Multi-domain SSL Certificate? SSL Certificates
A Multi-domain SSL Certificate can secure your main domain several SAN Subject Alternative Name domain names in one Certificate. Multi-domain Certificates are often used for Unified Communications UC to secure Microsoft Exchange 2010 Server, Office Communications Server 2007 or Mobile Device Manager.
Multi-Domain SSL Certificates @ 121/yr Comodo Multi-Domain SSL Certs.
Compare the cost of purchasing many individual certificates to secure all your domains to purchasing a single multi-domain certificate MD SSL that can consolidate as many as 250 domain names and you will see how cost-effective a multi-domain certificate can be. This highly-secure SSL certificate is perfect for any environment required to secure multiple domain names with a single certificate. You can add, edit or delete domains any time with a Comodo Multi Domain SSL.
Wildcard en Multi-Domain SSL.
Indien u meerdere websites met een enkel certificaat op één ip-adres dient te beveiligen, dan bieden we twee verschillende multi-domein SSL-certificaten aan: Wildcard SSL en Multi-Domain SSL met ondersteuning voor Subject Alternative Names, of SAN-velden. Wildcard SSL-certificaten worden uitgegeven aan en zorgen.
Multi Domain SSL Certificate High Secure SSL Solution for Enterprise.
Why Comodo Multi Domain Certificate? Comodo Multi-Domain certificates provide the same SSL security as our regular certificates but allow you to secure up to 100 domains on a single SSL certificate. For example, one Multi-Domain certificate can be used to secure.:
Multi-Domain SSL DigiCert.
Submenu Footer Resources. Multi-Domain SAN SSL. Multi-Domain Multi-Domain SAN SSL Start Over. Multi-Domain SAN SSL. As low as. You will be able to secure hundreds of domains, subdomains, or IP addresses using Subject Alternative Names with one flexible SSL certificate.

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